Clinical Image - Volume 3 - Issue 1

GaPOF - Gallese proctological operating field

Nando Gallese

UCP-Proctological Surgery Unit, St. Anthony Hospital, Cagliari, Italy.

Received Date : Dec 25, 2022
Accepted Date : Jan 17, 2023
Published Date: Feb 07, 2023
Copyright:© Nando Gallese 2023

*Corresponding Author : Nando Gallese, St.Anthony Hospital, via Chironi 3, 09125 Cagliari, Italy.


Objectives: Creation of a proctological operating field with criteria of simplicity, efficiency, speed and economy.
Material: Small basal drape (positioned under the buttocks and lumbar region of the patient who fixes it with his weight); large drape with adhesive band that is centrally fenestrated for about 30 cm on the lower edge allowing for upper horizontal fixation of the operating field (with the possibility of supporting a sagging scrotum without other maneuvers in men and keeping access to the vagina exposed in women) and two symmetrical or asymmetrical lateral fixings, more or less angled according to the needs of the case; any additional adhesive bands as needed; low instrument trolley for the operator (seated on a swivel stool with wheels); high trolley for the instrumentalist (standing); 2 trolley covers (+ surgical instruments suitable for the foreseen procedure).

Method: Pushed proctological position, with thighs flexed on the abdomen, lower limbs well apart, perineum and buttocks protruding from the edge of the operating bed.

Advantages of the adhesive band:

- precise delimitation of the operating field which can be adapted, for each operation, to the specific needs, both in terms of shape (triangle, rectangle, square, trapezoid), and for the area required, by changing the position and angle of the three adhesive flaps (upper and lateral).

- fixity of the drapes throughout the operation, with the possibility of fixed or elastic anchoring of the tails of the surgical threads, according to the needs.

- possibility of obtaining a crease at the upper edge of the operating field, with the function of a "balcony" for supporting instruments or anchoring surgical wires.

Conclusion: Easy to make, practical, comfortable, safe and economical, this operating field (GaPOF) is suitable for use both in proctology and in urology, gynecology and perineology in general.

Clinical Images (look down):

A- lower lumbosacral drape B- upper adhesive drape for anterior perineum C- adhesive strip divided into 3 flaps

D- preparation of the central adhesive flap E- horizontal adhesion of the central flap F- preparation of the side flaps

G- vertical adhesion of the side flaps H- rectangular fixation of the surgical field with the creation of an upper balcony

I- low iron servant trolley for the surgeon J- high iron servant trolley for the instrumentalist

K- ready to operate with GaPOF - Gallese Proctological Operating Field.

Keywords: Operating field; surgical drapes; adhesive bands; procedure optimization; cost-effectiveness.

Conflict of Interest: The Author declare that he has not conflict of interest.


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