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Publication Charges

Journal of Clinical and Medical Images Case Reports follows the principles of Open Access. It states that readers can read, share, and download the published content without subscription. Neither publisher nor author permission required to access the material. Just an internet access is required to gain the access across the world.

Open access is an author pay model. Corresponding/primary author(s) take the responsibility of paying the publication fee. Usually, publication fee is funded by universities, institutes and research labs.

Publication of a single manuscript incurs several costs. To reimburse all such charges, we charge authors. Publication fee for each manuscript is 2000 USD.

Withdrawal Charges

Authors are permitted to withdraw their manuscript without incurring any withdrawal penalties if the request for withdrawal is made within 72 hours of submission. However, if the author(s) request the withdrawal of the manuscript after it has entered the peer review process, the production stage (Early Release or Ahead of Publishing), or has been published online, a withdrawal penalty will apply.

Withdrawal charges for each manuscript is 1000 USD only.

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