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Needle Tract Recurrence of Renal Cell Carcinoma after Microwave Ablation

   Thermal ablation is commonly used for management of small renal masses. Tumor seeding due to needle manipulation during renal mass biopsy or thermal ablative treatment is very rare. Seeding upstages a curable, organ-confined disease into a complicated recurrent cancer.

Case Report: Oocyte Degeneration during Thawing Procedure in a SARSCoV-2 Positive Woman

   In late 2019, a novel coronavirus emerged from China that resulted in the onset of a global Covid-19 outbreak. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) could have possible negative impacts on female reproductive health.

Ocular toxoplasmosis: A Clinical Case from Gaza, Palestine

   Ocular toxoplasmosis is caused by the protozoa parasite Toxoplasma gondii, and can be acquired congenitally or by ingesting uncooked meat infected with cysts or vegetables and water contaminated by oocysts shed by cats.

A rare case and literature review of leopard spot chorioretinopathy associated with ovarian carcinoma: Indicating progression?

   Bilateral diffuse uveal melanocytic proliferation (BDUMP) as a rare paraneoplastic intraocular syndrome is one of the few disorders, which can cause leopard spot retinopathy. This intraocular syndrome is characterized by multiple round or oval red spots at the level of the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE).

Lung ultrasound score predicts oxygen requirements in adult patients with COVID 19 pneumonia

    The novel severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has been causing a severe disease, named COVID-19, whose rapidly spread worldwide resulted in a pandemic, currently constituting a dire public health emergency.

Retrocaval Ureter: A Case Report

   Retrocaval or circumcaval ureter was first described by Hochstetter in 1893, one of the rare congenital venous anomalies. In this condition, the right ureter goes posterior to the inferior vena cava and partially encompasses it.

Covid-19 pandemic profile difference between africa and europe: An early viral exposition issue?

    The ongoing coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) crisis rep- resents a health challenge that led to a health system satura- tion. Not only it represents a huge pressure on the healthcare capacity but also leads to the delay of the regular car given to patients suffering from other different health conditions.

Penetrating cardiac injury by stab wound: A case report

   Penetrating cardiac injuries (PCI) are very rare, with an estimated incidence of 0.16% in the United States. It has been described that most of those affected die at the scene and that those who survive arrive very seriously to the emergency room.

Pediatric Endoscopic Pilonidal Sinus Treatment: A case report

   Pilonidal sinus disease (PSD) is a tract or cavity of the sacrococcygeal region due to repeated infection and chronic inflammation. The incidence of PSD has been increased during the last years, particularly in European and North American young men.

To the question of determining remission in rheumatoid arthritis. Correspondence on Re-examining remission definitions in rheumatoid arthritis: considering the 28-Joint Disease Activity Score, C-reactive protein level and patient global assessment

   The publication Felson D et al [1] aroused great interest.The authors remind (referring to their work, published unchanged in two different journals) that ACR and EULAR have approved two definitions of remission of rheumatoid arthritis.

Analysis of peripheral blood parameters for the diagnosis of inflammatory activity in rheumatoid arthritis

   RA is an autoimmune disease manifested primarily by inflammation of the synovial joints (synovitis), followed by their deformation and loss of function, which seriously affects the quality of life.

Strength training in treatment of chronic neck pain

   The prevalence of chronic neck pain has been reported to be from 6 to 19 % [1, 2]. Borghouts et al. [3] estimated that of the total costs 50% were derived from disability pensions, with direct medical costs accounting for 23%, which is about 1% of total expenses of the health care.

Case Series: Are the centriacinar nodulary pattern related to Covid-19 Pneumonia?

   The viral infection is responsible for a respiratory disease, COVID-19 (corona virus disease 19), has rapidly spread worldwide since the beginning of 2020, affecting most European countries in March 2020, with Italy, Spain, France and Turkey being the most severely affected to date.

Cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea following COVID-19 nasal swab testing: case report

   Since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States in 2019, the medical community has undergone considerable research into both screening and treatment protocols. Testing for presence of the virus remains a vital part of developing quarantine strategy, as isolation appears to be the only effective way of limiting infection spread.

A pediatric patient with a femoral diaphysis fracture occurring after a motorcycle accident

   Femoral diaphysis fractures are the second most common fractures influencing the lower extremity in children (20- 26/100000 children per year). These fractures account for 1-2% of fractures in children.

Clinical evaluation of the impact of rectal and bladder filling on prostate position during hypofractionated radiotherapy for prostate cancer

   Hypofractionated precise radiotherapy is increasingly used for prostate cancer treatment [1, 2]. With increases in the fractional dose, a stable and position-fixed target is necessary for the sake of target accuracy and normal tissue safety.

Reactive angioendotheliomatosis: A study of one case and review of literature

   Reactive angioendotheliomatosis is a rare lesion that usually occurs in patients with systemic diseases which have renal failure and are treated by haemodialysis. It is a benign pathology with a anatomopathological diagnosis and little codified treatment. We report here the case of a 34-year-old patient with right hand, left hand and right foot localization and without any systemic disease.

Extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma involving the jugular foramen and cerebellopontine angle: a case report

   Lesions extending to or developing from the jugular foramen are uncommon. The most frequent tumor of the jugular foramen – paraganglioma, or glomus tumor, has a reported incidence of 1 in 1.3 million.

Delayed diagnosis of isolated spontaneous bladder rupture following vaginal childbirth

   Isolated spontaneous rupture of the bladder is an extremely rare urological emergency. It is often initially misdiagnosed, even with the aid of imaging modalities [1]. Spontaneous bladder rupture following vaginal childbirth has been reported in the literature.

Εmotional intelligence at school

   According to the theorists of Pedagogical Psychology, emotional intelligence is not an innate characteristic of the individual but can be developed and cultivated through appropriate pedagogical activities, which means that people with the right education have the opportunity to be taught to control their feelings, to acquire social empathy and to change the perception they have of themselves.

Learning difficulties in the school performance

   Learning disabilities are a generalized expression of some of the individual difficulties encountered by students. More specifically, the concept of learning disabilities refers to a variety of heterogeneous disorders.

Pseudocoarctation of the aorta

   Pseudocoarctation of the aorta was first described in 1951 and remains a relatively rare congenital anomaly [1]. We present a case of pseudocoarctation of the aorta which was detected on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Primary breast osteosarcoma with pulmonary metastases

   Primary breast osteosarcoma is a rare malignant tumor, with only small series reported. We report the case of an 89-yearold woman presenting with a large calcified tumor of the left breast, associated with calcified lung metastases. After nonconclusive biopsy, osteosarcoma was proven at tumorectomy.

Acquired anterior abdominal wall defect in a neonate following umbilical catheterization: a case report

   Gastroschisis and omphalocele represent the 2 most common congenital abdominal wall defects in the newborns [1]. Gastroschisis is characterized by a full thickness paraumbilical abdominal wall defect with associated evisceration of the bowel and sometimes solid intra-abdominal organs.

Granulocytic sarcoma with unusual localizations (breast and stomach) without bone marrow involvement after the allogeneic transplantation

   Granulocytic sarcoma is a rare extramedullary solid tumor composed of immature myeloid cell and is associated with acute myeloid leukemia or myelodysplastic syndrome [1]. It was first reported by Burns in 1811 and was described as chloroma by King in 1853 [2, 3].

Congenital Neuroblastoma: A Case Report

   Neuroblastoma (NB), a tumor of primitive neuroectodermal cells, is diagnosed exclusively in children and is the third most common childhood cancer and the most common neonatal malignancy that accounts for >20% of neonatal cancer [1].

Review of nigerian medicinal plants used in the management of diabetes mellitus

   Diabetes is the most common clinically affected endocrine condition (Wais et al., 2012). By 2030 the number is projected to grow to more than 366 million (Wild et al., 2004). The diabetes is characterized by hyperglucemia, which results in insulin deficiency or insulin sensitivity of bodily cells or both by changes in carbohydrates, protein and fat metabolism [9].

Fibroma of perineum, a rare entity in children: Two congenital cases

   Two cases of perineal polypoid-like lesions in children are described. The first patient is a 21 months old girl with a congenital perianal pedunculated asymptomatic lesion, covered by normal skin, not increased in size since birth.

Ultrasonographic Follow-up of Uveitis and Arthritis with Golimumab in a Patient with Peripheral Spondyloarthritis: Case Report

   The high resolution ultrasound in arthritis has been shown to be a tool with excellent accuracy in the assessment of the inflammatory process, but it is also useful in mapping other structures with tissue damage in these patients, such as in the detection of acute and chronic ocular inflammatory process.

Academic Conferencing Reimagined in the COVID-19 Era: The Vision Health Research Network Experience

   PThe Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) swept across the globe in early 2020 and pro- foundly impacted every facet of life. In academia, medical researchers had to rapidly focus their efforts on understand- ing this novel virus and developing targeted therapeutics and vaccines.

A rare case of bilateral plantar fibromatosis (Ledderhose’s disease): A case report

   Plantar fibromatosis or Ledderhose disease, is a rare benign pathology of the plantar aponeurosis, first described by Dr. George Ledderhose. It is characterised by disordered fibrous tissue proliferation and the subsequent formation of lump or nodules over the plantar aspect of the foot.

Breast DCE-MRI in long-term breast cancer survivors: What lies beneath dystrophic calcifications due to fat necrosis?

   Fat necrosis of the breast is a benign non-suppurative inflammation of adipose tissue that is usually caused by trauma [1]. It can develop after different surgical procedures (biopsy, lumpectomy, breast-conserving surgery, reduction mammoplasty, implant removal, breast reconstruction with tissue transfer).

Bilateral L3 and L4 pedicle traumatic fracture a case report

   Isolated traumatic bilateral pedicle fractures of the lumbar spine are rare. Some pedicle stress fractures cases have been widely described; most of them associated with previous spine surgery having undergone diverse stabilization or fusion techniques.

Brain herniation death in pediatric cerebral lyme borreliosis followed by kidney organ donation

   Lyme disease focused autopsies can establish that borrelia burgdorferi spirochetes resided in human tissues at the mo- ment of death and thereby establish Lyme borreliosis as a contributing circumstance to patient death.

Congenital Neuroblastoma: A Case ReportCongenital Neuroblastoma: A Case Report

   Neuroblastoma (NB), a tumor of primitive neuroectodermal cells, is diagnosed exclusively in children and is the third most common childhood cancer and the most common neonatal malignancy that accounts for >20% of neonatal cancer.

Influenza Persists

   In the US, influenza (flu) causes 9 to 45 million illnesses, leading to 12,000 to 61,000 deaths annually (10.1001/ jama.2020.14772). World Health Organization estimates that worldwide annually there are about one billion infections, 3-5 million severe illnesses, and 300,000-500,000 deaths (10.1038/s41572-018-0002-y).

Two cases of giant cell arteritis following ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccination – complication or coincidence?

   This 66 years old woman had the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine on 25 February 2021 and about 6 hours later, she started to get pain in the right side of her head. She also had flu-like symp- toms which lasted a couple of days, but these settled down whilst the headaches persisted.

Nitroglycerine-responsive ischemic irregular premature ventricular con- tractions post-failure of antiarrhythmic drugs in hypertensive crises and first-degree heart block

   Nitroglycerin (NTG) is an ancient commonly prescribed short- acting anti-anginal agent [1]. Nitrates produce vasodilation with predominant venous effects on large capacitance ves- sels. They also increase coronary collateral circulation, in- crease aortic compliance, and conductance and blood flow to ischemic areas of the myocardium.

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